Jungle Art

Paper Plate Snakes

Have Children paint both sides of a paper plate green. When they are dry, start cutting plate in a spiral until you get about 5 inches from the end and make its head a little bigger than the rest of its long body. Use a wiggly eye and red curly ribbon for its tongue and you have a long snake to rap around the vines in your jungle.

Safari Maps

Cut rough edged pieces of paper out of the side of a brown paper bag to use as a map. Give the children colored sticky dots and let them put them on the paper. Give them markers to connect the dots and draw anything else they would like on their picture. (trees, people, animals, arrows pointing directions, etc). You could also have footprint stamps (I have seen them for various animals) to stamp footprints on the map. The children always have fun making these and each one is so different.

Tiger stripes

Pre-cut the shape of a tiger for your children, (or if they’re old enough, they can) and place it in a box. Use black paint and marbles to make the stripes by shaking box back and forth. The same can be done with a zebra pattern.

Color sand Parrots You need :simple shape of the parrot, colored sand feather glue. Let the children cut their shape of the Parrot and “paint them with colored sand ” then they add some feathers and the Parrot is ready .(Use watered down glue and then let the children shake the sand on it.