Instruments and Music Science


need: a bath towel, wooden spoons, and all different lengths of wood.

Roll up the long side of the bath towel just enough that all your wood rest on the rolls without falling through be sure to spread the wood out so they are not touching. Bang on the wood with wooded spoons and the different shapes and sizes make different sounds.


need: wood pieces different sizes, cup hook sets.

using a large block of wood for the top of chime screw in several hooks to the wood making sure that the wood blocks do not hit each other. in the wood blocks screw in the latch then hang the blocks from the hooks and hold up the chime and hit with wooden spoon each piece of wood will make a different sound according to the length and size.

Sound Cans

you need: Small cans, Large Cans or plastic cups, cotton twine.

place a small hole into the can or cup string the cotton twine through and tie a big enough knot that it wont pull through. moisten the twine and when you pull it through the hole it makes sounds.