Ideas for Summer Book Fun!

Can I show you what we’ve been doing in class this past month? I can’t believe I will be trading the preschool classroom for the homeschool classroom. It feels very weird but exciting. And I’m thrilled that I will get to invest more time and energy into creating fun and meaningful literature experiences for my little guy AND my older kids!
I am also scheming to continue visiting my beloved schools for some special story times throughout the year so I don’t suffer any terrible withdrawal effects!

So here’s the fun we’ve been having this past month:



We had so much fun reading Chalk (Bill Thomson)! Huge hit with the kids. Oh, the fun they had imagining what it would be like to have their chalk drawings come to life! So much imagining and pretending. We drew with “magic” chalk of our own and pretended our drawings came to life. The students begged me to reread this one all month long!