Ideas for Summer Book Fun!


Like Chalk, Walrus (Stephen Savage) is a wordless book. A Walrus escapes from the zoo and must hide from the zookeeper. He discovers his passion and finds a way to fulfill it while remaining at the zoo, so all ends well. The kids just crack up at the silly places the walrus hides and try to disguise himself. So simple, but so entertaining! I brought little walruses, made out of craft foam, for us to hunt for in the classroom. Who would have thought the kids would love this so much? We also made pictures where the kids had to illustrate a way to disguise their foam walrus. Many of them took their inspiration from the book and made scenes similar to Savage. But some came up with some new ideas of their own. When we finished crafting, they all wanted to take turns hiding the walruses around the room again. So if you’re looking for a way to keep some preschoolers busy – hide some walruses! Ha!