Ice Cream Snacks

Kick the can Ice Cream This is a variation on making ice cream. Use the same recipe that has been posted. Put the ice cream ingredients in a small coffee can and tightly seal the lid. Then put the small coffee can inside a large coffee can. Pack the space between the coffee cans with rock salt. Put on the large coffee can lid (small can should still be inside the large) and seal it (use some tape!). Then go outside and have the children stand in a circle and kick the can of ice cream gently back and forth between them. After awhile, open up the can, and the ice cream is there! The kids love this and are amazed by the results!

For a fun summer activity. We asked a local ice cream salesperson, the ones that drive the truck with music, if they could drive up to the preschool and the children could purchase an ice cream. The children really enjoyed the choosing a treat and eating them under a shady tree.

At our center we had made homemade ice cream. We used the crank ice cream machine. The teacher put the items into the canister and children helped fill it with snow or ice. The children got to take turns turning the crank to make the ice cream. They had a blast turning the crank! A few of the students really got into turning the crank with their whole body! They even loved tasting the ice cream since they made it themselves!

We made ice cream in a bag for our end of year party. We used one large Ziploc and one sandwich size Ziploc. Ingredients for small bag are: 1 cup whole milk, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Seal and place in large bag with: 6 tablespoons rock salt, and then fill about half-way with ice. Seal large bag. Have children shake for 5-7 minutes. I had two children to a team. They took turns measuring ingredients and shaking. Then they shared the ice cream they made together by spooning into two 5oz cups. Have paper towels ready because the bags will have condensation form on them. We discussed why this happened, the physical change to the milk mixture, and why the ice melts. I supplied chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Some children stirred in their syrup to make chocolate shakes. I wish I had brought fresh fruit to mash and add in too. My 3-4 year olds stuck it out and shook their ice cream until it was done and really had fun cooperating!

Fill a large zip lock bag about half full with ice and add about a tablespoon of rock salt. Mix a cup of milk, a drop of vanilla and a pinch of sugar (I’m not sure of the exact measurements) in a small Ziploc. Place the small bag into the large bag and let the children shake, shake, shake. They will end up with homemade ice cream. Make sure to tie in the science aspect of a liquid turning into a solid and what salt does to ice.


You will need 1large (gal. size) freezer baggie & 1 small (pint size) baggie. Fill the large baggie 1/2 full of ice, add 6 Tablespoons course salt. Then into the small baggie put 1 cup cream, or 1/2 and 1/2 as we call it! 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla .Seal up the little bag and put it into the bigger baggie. Now shake away. The kids liked to shake it up and down on the table which was a little rough on the bags, so we went off to the carpet to shake them side to side with a friend. Some of them got tired of shaking and left to play for awhile but this was fine, they came back to check and shake them again and after about l0 min. or so they were ready to eat. It was delicious and fun for the ice and snow unit!!