Ice Cream Art

This idea uses the “ice cube painting” idea to make an ice cream art project.

Freeze food-colored water in ice cube trays in several different colors. Children can then slide the cubes around on a large piece of white paper, mixing colors (incorporating some color science) and seeing it melt. Let this dry, and cut two scoops of ice cream shapes from it. Next, children can cut large triangles (for the cones) from brown paper. Use darker colored brown paper strips to “weave” through pre-cut slits in the cones, making a waffle-weave pattern. Last, glue the two scoops of ice cream to the top of the cone and you have double-dip ice cream cones. You can hang them on your bulletin board that says “Our class screams for ice cream!”

One of the teachers at the preschool I teach at came up with this adorable ice cream sundae idea. You can buy red or blue plastic disposable bowls at the grocery or dollar store, glue in fiberfill or cotton fluff for the ice cream, then let the kids drizzle brown paint from a squeeze bottle over top as chocolate sauce. Glue in a plastic spoon to side of bowl under “ice cream” and glue on a red pom pom ball to top for a cherry. Then the kids may want to add a sprinkling of glitter to top for sprinkles. Very Cute!!

Another ice cream sundae craft idea! We pre-cut shallow ice cream “bowl” shapes out of light blue paper,

and then a “scoop” shape (sort of a flattened half circle) out of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of white paper,

then taped the scoop of vanilla “ice cream” to the bowl. Then each child got a piece of brown, yellow, and

pink paper (1/4 sheet of construction paper will do), and traced an open hand on each piece and then

cut them out. Arrange the handprints with the base of the palms at the top of the “scoop” and the

spread fingers become the chocolate, pineapple, and strawberry “sauce” dripping down over the ice cream.

A red pompom glued to the top becomes the cherry!

OR: A simpler version is to simply draw a scoop of ice cream in a dish on a piece of white paper and let the children place their hand (fingers spread as above) and draw around it to make the “sauce”. Let them use markers & crayons —

or glue and real sprinkles! — to decorate. Yum!

We have an ice cream party in our class to celebrate the letter “I”. For our art project we let the children paint a paper scoop of ice cream shape with an ice cube, that is made with paint and water or food coloring. (letting the children know it is made just for painting, not eating) Put a stick in each cube to make it easy to paint with. You will have to make sure to make these cubes the night before to freeze. They make some nice colors…then add a paper cone shape to the scoop!

Shaving cream ice cream mix.. Mix some school glue with shaving cream and a bit of pink or brown tempra paint. Have the children finger-paint the mixture on construction paper. Add a triangle shape that looks like the cone for an ice cream cone. When it dries, the shaving cream will feel very soft without crumbling. It will resemble a dropped ice cream cone. Kids have fun pretending with this activity.

First mix equal parts of shaving cream and glue. Give the children a piece of construction paper and let them scoop some paint onto their paper. they can use a brush or spoon to spread as they wish. when they have finished spreading provide them with a cone cut out of brown construction paper to place in their ice cream. Then let them sprinkle colored candy sprinkles on top! Fun!

Put various colors of paint into squeeze bottles. Make a outline of an ice cream cone or sundae on the paper children will paint on. Children can mix the colors and create their own ice cream flavors. Dictate the children’s sentences on the paper. put the pictures on the bulletin board or make a class book out of them.