Hispanic Heritage Preschool Curriculum

Find the FlagsPrint out a bunch of the flags below.  Secure each one of them to a Popsicle stick.  Hide the flags all over the room.  Have the children hunt for the flags.  Each time they find one, have them place it in a block of Styrofoam in the center of the room.   Talk about the different Latin American countries.

I like to make hot pepper wreaths. I cut out red, green and yellow construction paper peppers and let the kids glue to a paper plate with the center cut out. We add a raffia bow on top, best look yet!

We make maracas with paper Mache. We stuffed a water balloon with 5 small beans, blew it up, then taped it to the top of a Popsicle stick. Next, we mixed Elmer’s glue with flour and water until the paste is runny. Next, we ripped the newspaper into short, thin strips. We dipped the newspaper into the paste and spread it on the balloon until it was covered. Make sure to reinforce the area well where the balloon and Popsicle stick meet. We let them dry and painted them with watercolors.

I guess this is more of a Language Arts/Circle Time type suggestion, but… There is a wonderful Latina artist named Carmen Lomas Garza. Her work is best described as a Chicana narrative. Her primitive style of artwork is very simple, graphics, and endearing children. Her subject matters deal with the Latin culture and occasions within the Latin communities. I think these are endearing prints for circle time discussions! She has several children’s books printed by the Children’s Book press, which are available in paperback AND “big book” size. Here’s a link to her website http://www.carmenlomasgarza.com/ .

I teach the older 3s two days a week and we did several things this past year for National Hispanic Month.

1) We learned to count to 10 in Spanish. 2) We made ANIMALITOS (small animals). These animals are usually dog, bear, or goat forms and are made out of colorful, striped material. For ease, I cut 2 dog shapes out of wrapping paper, sticking with the colorful stripes, and the children glued all the seams except the back. They stuffed these with cotton batting and then I finished gluing the opening. These turned out VERY cute and the children loved them! 3)We had a Mexican fiesta one day complete with soft tacos, tortilla chips w/ cheese dip, sopapillas, and festive music playing in the background.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, I placed flags of all the Hispanic countries in my room and let the parents bring in arts, crafts, music, and clothing from their country. The children used construction paper to create the flags of their country.

Pinata Making

Use any size cardboard box. At the top poke two holes and insert the string you will use to hang your pinata from. Cut tissue paper into fringe sheets. Glue the sheets of tissue paper around the box into any design you like. Decorate also by adding tissue paper rolls for legs. Finally when done decorating fill the box with candy and glue or tape shut.