HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

This idea will work for either planning time or recall. I also have used toy microphones that echo when spoken into. I pretend to be a TV news reporter that has come into the classroom. I state where I am reporting from ( name of school or center), my name & who I am interviewing. I refer to the children as Miss Jackie Jones or Mr. John Jones. This will get the giggles going & keep their attention as the feel like they are being addressed as ” Grown-ups”. When I begin to interview I say, ” Mr. Jones, can you tell us what you did at work time today? ” then I place the microphone over to the child to respond. Some children will talk away into that mike & name everything & everywhere they were. Others will give a reply such as ” The block area” so then I will pretend to not understand & ask, ” what is in the Block area to work with? ” If I get a one word answer such as ‘Blocks”, I’ll again ask, ” What did you do with the blocks today?” or ” What did you construct with the blocks today?” I keep asking questions as if I don’t understand & am inquiring for a news show. When the child is done, I ask the child, ” Who should I interview next?” & they pick the person who goes after them. They children really have a hoot with this.

Wearing Leaves:

For planning during our fall unit, I purchased some inexpensive laminated leaves, punched holes in the middle, and attached yarn. I asked each friend to look through the leave and choose where they wanted to work during center time, and they absolutely loved it. Later in the day, some children actually brought back out their leaves and looked through them again. They each got to keep the leaves I made too, so that made them excited!

For planning and reviewing, we use blocks to plan (any type). as they tell their plan the child will add a block to the tower, castle or whatever you choose to name it. as they review they will remove a block and put it back in the center or bucket. be sure to build in a place where the building will be out of the way.

During Review time break up into two or three groups depending on the amount of adult help. Then each group gets a magic stick. (A pencil with a feather as the eraser) One child holds the magic stick while saying, “Magic Stick Magic Stick Tell us were you have played today.” Then when the child is finished they turn in a circle and then pick one of their friends to share.

This is an idea I have just started. At planning time each student is given a bread tag (not the twist tie kind). The student tells me where he/she is going and what will be done at that area. The student brings the tag and puts it on the hook by the area title and description. The tag moves around as the student does. As we review the activities, the student picks the one area most enjoyed that day or where the majority of time was spent. We take the child’s bread tag and place it on a graph and compare more/fewer to determine the most popular area of the day.