HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

34. Okay, this is a real favorite, but can also get the kids a little too excited in the classroom sometimes. But I love to use it anyway. Make paper airplanes for each child and let them “fly” them to areas of choice. So simple, yet so stimulating! (This is also a GREAT large group activity).

35. “Brown bear, Brown Bear, Who do you see?” “I see (child’s name) planning with me.” Variation: Use other animals or puppets instead of Brown Bear.

36. Go on a “Planning Hunt.” It’s like “Going on a bear hunt,” but you substitute “planning” for “bear.”

37. Use finger puppets to plan with. These can easily be made by attaching a  cut-out to a craft stick, a drinking straw, or to a marker top. The marker top fits just right on a finger. Cut-outs from the shape cutting machine in the media center or resource center are good for this. Also, real people cut-outs from books and catalogs are great.