HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

28. “I SPY” game. Describe a child by hair color, clothing color, girl or boy, etc. When the child is guessed, he/she plans. Repeat until all have planned. After the children know the game, let them do the “spying.”

29. Child describes something he is going to use at work time and the others try to guess what is being described.

30. Musical instruments: choose an instrument from the box. Play it and plan. Some children may want to sing their plan to their music.

31. Color cube (a hand-made cube that you have made using a different color on each side of the cube. A plastic photo cube works good for this).

Some ways to use the cube are:

A. Roll the cube and then plan.

B. Roll the cube, name the color, then plan.

C. Roll the cube, then find something in the work area of choice of the same color the cube landed on.

D. An easier variation of (C) is for the child to just match

something to any of the colors.

32. Talk into a paper towel tube or a paper cup about plans (each of them make different sounds). Try both of them – it’s fun!

33. Child’s choice: Let children choose how they want to plan. After the children become familiar with the planning/recall process, child’s choice becomes a planning strategy that the children really enjoy doing. I like to use it once a week, taking turns with the children. One child can choose the planning strategy and another can choose the recall strategy, which allows children to have their turn sooner. Be sure to rotate turns with all the children.