HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

17. Planning Cloth: Using a square, vinyl tablecloth, draw the floor plan of your classroom then

the area symbols on each area. My favorite ways to use the Planning cloth are:

**children can walk on it and stand in the area they want to work in.

**toss a bean bag to areas of choice

18. Individual Planning mats: Draw floor plans on pieces of construction paper and laminate them. Have enough for everyone in the group to have one. My children’s favorite way to use these is to “drive” small cars to the areas of choice. We have also used checkers, sticky notes, bugs, rubber fishing worms, and other small items on these mats. These individual mats are one of our favorite ways of planning.

19. Sheet tent: Drape a sheet over a table and plan under it. Take a flashlight under the “tent” and let children hold it when they’re planning.

20: Spin the bottle: Take turns spinning a bottle. The child who the bottle top points to plans, then spins the bottle for the next child’s turn.

21. Use walkie-talkies to talk about plans.

22. Child plans, then tosses a bean bag gently toward the work area of choice.

23. Children move a beach ball in assorted ways of choice to the work areas they want to work in (move it by rolling it with a foot, toss it, push it with your head, whatever they think of).

24. Children move in ways of their choice to their planned activities (baby steps, giant steps, hop, skip, walk backwards, etc).

25. Using markers, crayons, or pencils, children make drawings of their work plans, then talk about their drawings.

26. Draw work plans on chalkboards using chalk.

27. Planning wheel: have small versions of work area sign pictures arranged on a circular piece of laminated poster board or card board with lines separating the pictures (like pie sections). Attach a spinner of some sort in the middle and the children turn the spinner to work areas of choice.