HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

HIGH/SCOPE PLANNING TIME STRATEGIES **most can be used or revised to use at recall time

1. Binoculars: Children look for areas they want to work in.

2. Umbrella: Get under large, colorful umbrella to plan (It’s raining, it’s pouring; Danny is planning…) and/or make up other songs and rhymes to sing under the umbrella.

3. Telephones: Children talk to one another about their plans.

4. Magnifying glass: look through a magnifying glass for things to do at work-time.

5. Planning Train: Children form a train and move through work areas “getting off” train at areas they want to work in.

6. See # 5 and instead of an airplane, try some of these instead: Planning Airplane, Planning Boat, Planning Helicopter, Planning Bus, etc.

7. Pretend to be animals of choice and move to areas like the animal would (hop like a rabbit, etc).

8. Pass the bean bag (Child plans, then tosses it to another child to plan).

9. Puppets: Everyone has a puppet to plan with. Some children may want their puppets to talk; others may not. Just let them do it their way.

10.Camera: Children use a non-working real camera to take “pictures” of areas they want to work in or things they want to use.

11. Telescope: Look through telescopes (aka: paper towel rolls) through the work areas and “spot” something to do.

12. Ball: Roll a ball to a child; child plans, then rolls the ball to another child. Note: The children really love it when we use a beach ball. Variation: Children move the ball in ways of choice (roll, bounce, carry, etc) to work areas they want to work in, then rolls it or gently (hopefully!!) tosses it back to the planning group.

13. Shoot the basket: Toss a ball or a beanbag into a basket then plan.

14. Use paper plates for “steering wheels” and “drive” through areas, parking at our worktime destinations.

15. Patty Cake: “Patty cake, Patty cake, Baker’s man, it is Danny’s time to plan.

16. Planning board: Make a planning board by drawing the floor plan with area sign symbols drawn on each work area on a sheet of poster board, then laminate it.

The planning board can be used in many ways:

**Children can trace their signs on a piece of notepaper and tape it to the area of choice.

**”Drive” small cars to areas of choice.

**Use other small things with the planning board (such as plastic bugs and children’s sign “game-pieces” made by drawing their sign on a milk-jug top or another kind of lid).

**I’m sure you can think of many other ways to use the planning board. A planning

board is good to use at the beginning of the year because it helps children learn the work areas.