HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

Toddlers/preschoolers Using a Storytelling Apron. This can be ordered from toy catalogs. You can place the pictures of the areas on the apron (place Velcro behind the pictures) or you can place the pictures of the toys that are being set out that day on the Apron. Have pictures of the children on anything that Velcro can be put on and plan.

Use a pop up tent at planning and recall time. The children snuggle inside the tent and make and share their plans with each other keeping them a special secret from me, as I have to guess their plan at recall time. At recall time we all go inside the tent and I guess what each child planned to do, using observations from work time. when I guess correctly the children are amazed and are eager to recall their plan. This is very exciting for the children and also a great way of encouraging children to talk to each other and support one another.

I have been Directing a school-age High/Scope program for the past 8 years and we have done many of the strategies that have been listed. We have also had the children “mail” their plan. A staff member made a mailbox and then they would mail to the letter to the teacher. We have played Charades and have the Older children “Rap” their plans. They like to compose a song and find it fun to rhyme. We have thrown a ball of yarn to the area and then the next person goes to that area and tapes the string down and throws the ball of yarn to their space and at the end it makes a spider web. Tape Recording your plan is fun and the children love to hear their own voices. It does get challenging at times to be creative so thanks for having these types of forms of communication.

While focusing on learning numbers and counting we will count how many steps it takes to get to the center the child wishes to work in first.

Day of the week song for recall or planning time. Today is Monday. Today is Monday. I want you to tell me where you worked or where you played to day. Today is Monday. Today is Monday. I want you to tell me where you worked or where you played to day. First sing the song twice to help with transition.