HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

52.  Child interviews others as to what they did/will do. The child should decide what questions to ask. A microphone prop helps.

53.  Take digital pictures of each child during worktime.  At review, give each child their picture and have them tell what they were doing.

54.  Have the children make a collage from education supply catalogs of what they did during worktime.


Plan-Do-Review sometimes becomes difficult in an ESE classroom with Varying Exceptionable that have Mental Age ranges from 18 months to 6+…the children’s CA’s are 3-5 yrs. I have found that the planning board during circle loses the kids. We have been using their signs posted on “Theme” related pictures (ie-dinosaurs, fish, flowers,etc.) with velcro attached. We made a Seasonal/Theme Bulletin Board for the pictures to go on (ie-Spring, a flower garden, and each child had a flower with their sign/name),we attached velcro to chairs where we eat; as the children come in every morning, they find their sign/name/picture and choose a seat for breakfast; after breakfast they take their sign/name/picture and place it on the Planning Board as they are cleaning up. By the time everyone is done with the potty, clean-up they have planned and talked to each other about where they are going to play first. I then sit down in the circle and look at the chart and direct the children to their choices. The younger or less able are then directed in their choices, as the others leave the circle. This has been most effective for planning with such a wide variety of abilities and a large group (18!!!). The more able children change their signs as they change Centers. We do not use tags in each individual Center. When it is time to review, with such a large group, we use a “talking rug” (a seasonal doormat) and a write-wipe board with pictures of the centers. The children come up (individually or in groups–who went to the House Center today..come up..what did you do??) and tell or indicate on the board where they “worked” that day. I then transfer this onto a pictoral review sheet that I send home. Sometimes this sheet only gets home on Mon., Wed., Fri. or only once a week, depending on the attention span of the day!!!