HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

41.  Ask “Did anyone do/will do the same/different activity than yesterday?”

42.  Use not statements. “Stand up if you did not work in the block area.”  Have toys or center items and ask who did not use these today.

43.   For recall-play back the tape recordings made during work time. Guess who is  playing and what they are doing.

44.   Make models out of clay, playdough of what the children used/will use.

45.   Nonsense rhymes-“Oh you played with—- that rhymes with—-.”

46.   Encourage children to use large muscles by mimicking with exaggerated motions.  For example, if Vanessa plans to paint at the easel, have the whole group pretend to paint at a very BIG easel.

47.   Recall- collect toys the children used. Ask them how else could they use them?

48.  Cut out toy or area pictures and back them with flannel. Have the children sequence the pictures according to where they worked 1st, 2nd, etc.

49.  Have each child stand in the area they worked in/will work in or stand in an area and have others guess what each child will do /did do there.

50.  Occasionally, plan and review outside the classroom.

51.   Make finger puppets so they can do the talking for each child.