HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

A Plan/Review Song sung to Are You Sleeping

What will/did you do?

What will/did you do?

At work time, At work time?

Tell us what you’ll do/you did today

Tell us what you’ll do/you did today

At work time, At work time

31. Use a car to move towards where you will play or where you played.

32. Relative positions. Who will use the farthest/closest center from the large group area.

33. Plan/review in different areas so you can look at the room from different viewpoints.

34. Use pictures of the areas. Give each child some tokens. Put tokens on pictures that  you played in. Count tokens, graph.

35. Use number cards for those ready to make more than one plan. For example number one plan, number two plan, etc.

36.  Go to areas or area and bring back 2, 3, 4, items you will/did work with.

37. Bring biggest/smallest thing you worked with.

38.  Place objects the children will use/used on the table.  Are you going to use/did you use something that was larger/smaller, thicker/thinner, rougher/smoother, lighter/heavier etc?

39.  I see something game. “I see something in the art area Sally used today. Can you guess what it is?”

40.   Hide objects(in a bag, in a sock, under a blanket) that you observed the children using during work time. You could describe it or have the kids feel the object and tell what they are touching. Ask the children who worked with these items.