HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities


Draw a plan

Trace an item where the child will work/worked.

High Scope picture boards.

Show an item that you will/did work with

Pantomime your plan/review.

Use partners to plan or review. One person tells and the other listens then they switch roles. Or they can pantomime, show, draw etc. and switch roles.

Use a ditto showing the areas and names of areas. The children can color the appropriate area or even X out the areas they won’t use. Pictures should be very basic.

Ask “How are you going to move your body to get to an area?”

Make a train using chairs. The conductor asks questions about each child’s destination (Plan) or trip (review).

Dictate plan/review on an experience chart.

Someone says an area or object, if you used it you stand up or follow some other direction then you count the people standing. This is good for following directions and for when there is only one teacher.

Toilet paper rolls- look at the area you will work or worked in.

Tell a stuffed animal your plan /review and it tells us.

Plan/review under a table-if this does not interfere with classroom rules.

Plan/review under a blanket- depending on the kids you should leave a space open for them to see.