HighScope Plan-Do-Review Activities

Each child states their plan-everyone repeats it.

Take pictures of the areas in your classroom. Children could place their name next to the picture they want to work in or place a clothes pin on the picture.

Make a butcher paper map of the room.  Have the children use Weebles, cars, or individual pictures of themselves and place them on the area they worked in.

Everyone closes their eyes and have one child place their weeble or picture on the map or on the picture of a specific area then let them guess.

Use these props to enhance language skills: telephone, microphone, picture frame, tape recorder, toilet paper roll puppets.  Have the children plan/review with these props.

Mystery bag— filled with the things kids used or could use to plan and review. Pillow cases, sensory boxes work well also.

Take a tour of the room and discuss plans.

Use sight words for the areas.

Have the teacher draw or write what the children say; so the group can all see it.

Imitate action and sing: IE Sally used the blocks today-blocks today, blocks today. Sally used the blocks today and she had fun. —

Large path to stand on or next to. It could be a path of toys, pictures of people you played with, pictures of specific areas, etc.

Graph: area, object, etc. You could also use themes for the graph like paint no paint.

Draw planning murals on long butcher paper. Use the other side to review.