Hibernation Snacks

We make hibernating bear cupcakes. Make cupcakes as you normally would. Before baking, push a teddy graham down into each cupcake. They hold their shape during baking, and the kids get a big kick out of finding the bear in the “cupcave”!

Give each child a small cup of chocolate pudding with a gummy bear hidden inside, on top have children add crumbled cookie for dirt and whipped cream for snow. They can enjoy the snack as they hunt for the “hibernating bear” in the pudding.

I love the ideas that I found on this site. I wanted to add one idea that I had. For a snack, you could have the children make little caves out of rice crispy treats, and give them cinnamon bears (or Brach’s fruit bears) to “hibernate in the caves”. If you want to get really creative, you could even make leaves out of green fruit roll ups for the bears to sleep on (before their eaten that is…).

For a fun hibernation snack, bring different types of nuts. Bring in a bag of loose nuts and have some in the shells for children to look at and observe the shape and texture (You can crack some open to look at the inside and then enjoy the loose nuts). Talk about how and why squirrels collect acorns and nuts before it gets too cold to go out and look for food. You can add some raisins and cranberries to make it interesting too.