Hibernation Games

Hibernation Curriculum

Our class traced and cut out caves and bears. We then used them for
reinforcing prepositions. (in, out, over, under, next to, above, below, near) The children really enjoyed it and it gave me a chance to see who still needed help with directions. It didn’t have to be teacher directed, students could lead also.
On the last day of our hibernation unit, all the children come dressed in pj’s. We eat food that hibernating animals eat, play hibernating games, etc. At nap time, everyone sleeps in a sleeping bag they brought just for the day, and we darken the room completely. Then, after nap is over, we gradually lighten the room, awaken all the “animals,” and we have a large snack.
Gather pictures of various animals (from nature magazines, clip art) and mount on tag board. Make three ‘answer cards’ on tag board, titled “Hibernate”, “Migrate” and “Adapt”. With group discussion, the children sort the animals into the correct category.
Hibernation: Put a dark blanket over a table and pretend it is a cave. Let the children play in it during playtime.
Grizzly Bear Game One child is selected to be bear. They lie in the middle of the circle with eyes closed, while everyone sings: Grizzly Bear, Oh Grizzly Bear, Oh sleeping in your den. Please be very quiet, Very, Very quiet. If you shake him, If you wake him, He will growl at you! While everyone sings, Teacher indicates to one child to do the gentle shake. That child resumes her place and when the song finishes the “bear” wakes up, looks around the circle and tries to identify the person that shook them. Usually I give one guess and then the identity is revealed . The “bear” gets to growl at the person who shook them.