Hibernation Art


I cut out the shape of a porcupine and let the kids glue on toothpicks and add wiggle eyes. easy, quick and cheap!

fall/hibernation water bottles:

let the kids go outside and collect acorns. I then let them put them in empty clean soda bottles and add some glitter (fall colors, gold looks nice) they also add confetti bought at the local craft store for fall, it has leaves, etc in it. teacher hot glues the lid and tie some raffia around the top and it looks very pretty!

Ant hill:

I cut out a shape of an ant hill and let the kids paint it with bath scrubbies. They added little ants that I had punched out with a paper shaper punch. You could use stickers as well. Or another way I have done it in the past. Is give them a cut out in brown paper and let them use their fingerprints in black for the ants.

I gave the kids a cut out of a squirrel and let them paint it gray, then added crumbled shredded wheat to the squirrel….gave it nice texture.


we made bears out of paper bowls. let the kids paint the bowls browns, add brown construction paper ears at the top, a pink pom pom in the middle of the bottom side of the bowl, then add large wiggle eyes or buttons! SO cute and made with stuff you have around already!

Toilet roll snake:

I gave each child 3 to 4 toilet rolls and let them string them onto yarn (tape each end of yarn to the each ended roll) then let them paint green. we added green glitter and wiggle eyes and they made the cutest snakes to hang from the ceiling!

For Hibernating Bears we do this Art Project. Prior to class I cut a “door” into the side of a margarine tub (small size). Then I glue the margarine tub to a piece of cardboard. At school I put out brown play dough, pine needles, small branches from different types of evergreen trees, tin foil, blue paper and bear stickers. The children create Forest environments for their bears. Some cover the margarine tubs with brown play dough to create bear caves. Some glue the pine needles to the “floor” of the cardboard. Some children cut pieces of tin foil to create icy ponds or rivers. Some children cut blue ponds/rivers. Some children use the small branches and the playdoh to make “stand up’ trees. There are lots of creative ideas and variations as the children work and make their own individual bear habitats. At the end they LOVE adding their bear stickers….they can be found in the caves, at the ponds, even up a tree!

Materials needed: Black or brown poster board cut into 4×4″ squares, small Styrofoam cup (with a small 1/2 circle shape ripped out of one side of the cup) , a large brown pompom, 2 small brown pompoms, cotton balls and glue. (making cave opening). Have children glue the large pom pom onto the poster board. then glue the small pom poms anywhere as long as they are touching the big pom pom. Then dip rim of cup into glue and put over the top of the pom poms (bear is in cave sleeping!) Pull apart cotton balls and glue on top of cup around sides and onto black paper (but not inside) to look like fallen snow. VERY CUTE! and the kids loved it! I did it with 3 yr. olds.