Health & Nutrition Games

I buy a bag of Dem Bones Halloween candy. We sort the bones, review the names (skull, rib cage, etc.) and then I have the children build a skeleton using the candies.

I teach the children about healthy snacks and snacks that are not healthy. I then make a large garbage can and mouth from oak tag. The children bring in food flyers and cut out both kinds of snacks and glues them on the correct oak tag. this goes onto our class wall and we review it.

I did this activity with my pre-k special education students. I brought in a variety of healthy and not so healthy foods. On two paper grocery bags I put a smiley face or a frowning face. At circle time i placed all of the items on the floor and had the children sort them as healthy or unhealthy. We discussed the difference being that healthy foods made your body strong and happy while the other foods made your body sick and sad. There were a lot of foods that could go either way. (ie. juice) In these instances we talked about how eating too much of the food could be bad for your body. Some children were also confused about how a food like cookies that tasted good and made them happy could be unhealthy and make their bodies sad. Here we discussed the effects of sugar on your teeth and body. The children really learned a lot about foods and their effects on our bodies. It is also a great activity to introduce new vocabulary like broccoli which my students called “little trees”!

To show children the healthy foods that we need to eat each day I made a Food pyramid. It was made by using four different colors of felt and a thick piece of material for the back. I wrote on each section the amounts and each food group i.e. bread and grains 6-11 and so on. The pyramid’s a fairly large triangle that can fit on a table or on the floor. The food is from pictures that were printed out from the Corel draw program on my computer. I then laminated it. Then felt glued to the back. It is durable enough for the children to explore on there own after the first explanation.

Glitter Germs First read the story “Those mean & nasty, downright disgusting, but invisible germs.” Then sit in a large circle and put glitter on your hands. Explain that we are pretending the glitter is germs. Then shake a child’s hand and say “look, she got my germs.” The child then shake’s someone else’s hand, etc. You then choose one child to go wash their hands, but do not dry with a paper towel yet, and come show the class (not all glitter should be gone yet). Then have them dry hands and show class again. They will see how the germs wash away just as they do in the story. They are absolutely amazed!!

During our health unit we talk about eating healthy. I found a face of a child with a smile and one sad. I cut out the mouths and taped them to the top of a grocery sack so there was no sack behind the mouths. Then each child brought in five pictures of their favorite food and we played a game by each child “feeding” their pictures of food to “Healthy Harry” or “Sad Sally” depending whether the food was healthy or unhealthy.