Health & Nutrition Art

“Tissue Tina” and “Tissue Ted”

We do a health unit/good manners unit each year and a big hit is when we make “Tissue Tina” and “Tissue Ted”. Cut a basic face shape from pink construction paper. I simply cut an oval shape with ears! It should be about as big around as a coffee can lid. Then trace each childs’ hand on pink construction paper. Next, ask each child to draw a face (eyes, nose, mouth) on the pink paper face and add hair by using yarn. Next give each child a tissue. Have them glue the tissue over the nose and then glue the construction-paper hand over the top of the Kleenex.

When talking about healthy foods–give each child a brown lunch bag. Ask them what food items they would like their moms to pack for them. You can have them cut pictures out of magazines and glue on the out side of the bag or write them on the outside. Display them on your health bulletin board for the parents to see.

This is a fun but simple activity that I did with kindergarteners after snack one day. We had just finished a story about a young goat who would not eat the tin cans that his parents wanted him to and the compromise they came up with. (Sorry I can’t think of the title!) I gave each child a sheet of paper and had each draw a round-ish “island”. I then told them to color in the foods they would most like on a desert island. As they were thinking and drawing, we chatted about choices and how they would affect their bodies if say, cookies, were one of the main thing they could live on. I think I ended up giving them 10 or 15 items that could be on their island for them to eat. I was really pleased with the healthy things they came up with and the good talk we had as we all drew. The drawings were cute too!

This is a cute idea I found in Family Fun magazine. If you have a chicken pox outbreak or just want to talk about chicken pox…Draw a general body shape on paper. Have the kids decorate how they want, hair, face, etc. Then provide red markers or paint dobbers and draw chicken pox anywhere they want. For even more fun, mix pink paint and use as Calamine lotion.

“Smelly Fruit” Cut out strawberry shapes from red construction paper mix green Tempra paint and strawberry shampoo (Suave) together then give children q-tips to paint green spots on their strawberries for seeds there you have a strawberry that really smells like a strawberry.

At the art table, we provide two or three colors of paint in shallow containers. Then we provide fruit and vegetables for painting utensils. Slice off the bottom of a bunch of celery, cut an apple so the star pattern shows, make a shape out of a potato for stamping…use your imagination. The kids love their “nutritious” paintings!