Hat Art

Materials needed: Newspaper, masking tape, poster paint, glue, collage materials, feathers glitter glue, or other materials to decorate the hat.

Method: The child will sit on a chair. Place 3 or 4 pieces of newspaper on the child’s head. Tell them what to expect when the newspaper covers their head. (It’s dark, it will sound funny.) Wrap the masking tape around the child’s head 2 or 3 times just above the child’s ears. Roll the newspaper up tightly to form the brim of the hat. Continue to roll until the brim is complete. The hat will be custom made to fit the child’s head! Invite the child to decorate their hat with paint, glue, feathers, or collage materials. The hat will need to dry for a few hours. This is a cheap recycling activity that I know the children will enjoy!!

Cut out the inner circle of a paper plate. Staple a paper bowl to the paper plate. Decorate with stickers, stamps, markers, etc. Punch a hole on either side with a hole punch and tie on a piece of ribbon for the kids to tie under their chins.

Make a hat big enough to fit the children out of a newspaper let the kids decorate then let them go around the classroom showing off there hat and singing This is my hat, where is your hat? Do you like my hat I like yours!

Make mini hats out of film canisters. Cut a circle out of colored paper and remove the center so it fits over the canister as the rim. Than let children glue on designs using sequins, tissue paper, or pompoms.