Hanukkah Songs For Preschoolers

hanukkah songs

Hanukkah Songs For Preschoolers

30+ Hanukkah songs and fingerplays for preschoolers through second grade.

The Cha-nu-ki-ah Tune:  One little, two little, three little…..

How many candles,

How many candles,

How many candles do we light?

On our Chanukah,

On our Chanukah

The first Hanukkah night?

One, one, one, one, one, one

One candle burning,

One candle burning

The first Hanukkah night.

You continue singing the first verse adding: second-two, third-three, fourth-four, fifth-five, sixth-six, seventh-seven, and end with eighth-eight.

Tune: row, row, row your boat

Spin, spin, spin the dreidel

Spin it around with me.

When the dreidel stops and falls don’t forget to scream!

Divide your class up into 3 groups…It may work best if the children are seated in a circle and #1s are seated together, #2s, etc.

This is a way to introduce the word Hanukah…. #1s say, Ha Ha Ha

Teacher raises her hand for them to stop speaking #2s say Nu Nu Nu Nu….teacher raises her hands

#3s say Ka Ka Ka Ka….back to #1s

ask the children, what holiday are we talking about? Until someone says, “I Know, It’s Hanukah!!!”

Tune: 1 Little, Two Little, Three Little….

Stir your latke batter round and round.
Drop some in a pan and see them turning brown.
Cut them up on your plate.
Yum!Yum! Yum! They taste great.

One, one, one, one, one, one

One candle burning, one candle burning,

One candle burning through the night,

On our menorah, on our menorah,

On first Hanukkah night. (etc.)

chant song, accompanied by clapping


Hanukkah menorah has one light, one light for one night,
Hanukkah menorah has one light, so burn candle burn.
Hanukkah menorah has two lights, two lights for two nights Hanukkah menorah has two lights, so burn candles burn.
Hanukkah menorah has three lights… up to eight.

Oh chanuhah, oh chanukah, come light the menorah,

let’s have a party, we’ll all dance the Hora,

gather ’round the table, i’ll give you a treat,

s’vivon to play with and latkes to eat

And while we, are playing

the candles are burning bright,

one for each night, they shed a sweet light to remind us of days long ago x2

Tune:  I’m A Little Tea Pot

I’m a little latke, round and brown,
Here is my upside, here is my down.
When I am all ready, take a bite,
And eat me up on Hanukkah night.

Sung to Dreidle Dreidle

Candle candle candle
I made it out of wax
And when it’s cool and ready
I’ll light it with a match

Sung To Oscar Meyer Weiner Songs

Oh I wish I were a Macabee so brave, so strong, so bold.

I’d fight, I’d win each fight I’m in but I’m only 3 (4) years old.