Hanukkah Games And Activities For Preschoolers

Hanukkah Games For Preschoolers

Another oil and water idea for Hanukkah science that’s fun is this: we fill a large jar three-quarters of the way full of water. Then we add enough cooking oil to make a 2-inch layer on top. Next, we add three to four tablespoons of salt and watch what happens. The salt takes the oil down through the water, and the oil floats back to the surface in big bubbles when the salt dissolves! Very cool! The kids learn about dissolving and mixing and it ties into the Hanukkah theme of oil!

For Hanukkah, I do experiments with the children involving oil and water. First, we try mixing water and juice, and we see they mix easily together. Then in another glass, we mix oil and water, and we see they don’t mix at all! Then we mix oil, water, and some liquid soap- the soap enables the oil and water to mix together temporarily- this is called an emulsion. The kids love seeing what things mix and what don’t, and it ties into the oil and Hanukkah theme!

Materials; one approx.12″ bar of wood, 10 metal bolts with a hole large enough to hold traditional Chanukah candle, 9 Chanukah candles, paints, and brushes. To make a menorah take a bar of wood. Have kids paint it. Then glue nine metal bolts on the bar of wood. on the ninth bolt glue an extra bolt to make it higher than the others. The hole of the bolt should be large enough to hold a traditional Chanukah candle. Makes a nice menorah, Happy Chanukah.

Hanukkah games.  Cut out a Star of David, then make a daisy chain with eight. Use different colors. Children can take a chain off with each day of Hanukkah.

Hanukah frames. Cut out a piece of the fun foam (at all craft stores) in the shape of a dreidel. Have children decorate the dreidels with paints, glitter, etc. Take a picture of each child and place in the middle of the dreidel. To make it a refrigerator magnet add a clothespin and put a magnet on the back. Now your frame also is a memo holder.