Hanukkah Art Activities

Hanukkah Art Activities

Menorah – Remove the lid of a Styrofoam egg carton. Paint blue. Line up 9 egg storage cups from the carton. Turn the egg carton upside down and paint silver. Glue a toilet tissue tube to each egg cup to represent candles. Paint the candles different colors. Add flames to the inside of the tubes with construction paper with tissue paper glued to the flame outline. Make sure the middle “candle” is taller than the rest of the candles. Decorate with holiday stickers and you have a wonderful centerpiece for your holiday table.

Around holiday time (or anytime) I like to add glitter to our kool-aid playdough – kids love their sparkly playdough!!

Cut a dreidel out of cardboard as a template. Using a white candle on white paper, trace the template. Thin down some blue paint to make a wash. Have the child freely paint over the entire paper; the wash will resist anywhere there is wax. I call it a magic dreidel. For that extra holiday sparkle, have the children sprinkle gold glitter over the dreidel while still wet.

Dreidel Art Materials: Butcher paper, bottle washers (sponges on handles,) paint

Cut out a large Dreidel form from butcher paper. Have the children dip the sponge into the paint and then hit the paper to adhere the paint. Not only is this easy, it is not very messy, the children have a blast and the Dreidel can be hung up for display.


Materials: white, yellow and orange paints and blue paper

Paint the palms of the children’s hands with white paint. Then paint their fingers yellow and for the flame paint their fingertips orange. Cross the children’s hands over so that the right hand is on the left side and vice versa. Press hands on to the blue paper.

Mak a star of David out of craft stick. Material 6 stick and glue. make two triangles and cross them to form star you can paint them blue and add glitter.

Make a paper spiral like the ones used to demonstrate how heat moves air. Attach a cut out of a star of David, a Dreidel, or a flame to the spiral to create a mobile.

Do make an egg carton menorah. Have children paint a strip of eight egg carton “bumps” using blue or yellow paint. Dip a Q-Tipp into yellow paint and poke it through the top of the egg carton to resemble a candle.

Hanukkah Symbol Rubbings

Cut large Hanukkah symbols out of posterboard.  Place them on your art table and allow the children to paper over them and create rubbing with crayons.