Easy Halloween Classroom Snacks

Ghostly Hand Punch
Make any kind of punch you like.  Then fill a Rubber Glove with water, tie it shut and put it in the freezer.  Put the punch in the fridge. When ready to serve, put the frozen hand in the punch.


Take a full-size marshmallow and eight pretzels.  Stick four on both sides and take two M&M’s and put them on the front to be the eyes.  Now you have spiders.

Dirt Pie
Take about thirty Oreo cookies and finely grind them into crumbs.  Make two large packages of Jell-O chocolate pudding (pre-made is fine) and buy two packages of gummy worms.  Mix Oreo crumbs, pudding, and gummy worms together, leaving about five worms out.  Place the remaining worms on top for decor.

Witches Hats

Take a fudge stripe cookie and put a Hershey’s kiss on top; this makes an adorable witch’s hat.  Take a pretzel stick and a ball of cookie dough; smash it into a broom shape with a fork to make a broom shape.  This makes a cute witch’s broom to go with it.

Ghost Toast
Toast white bread in a toaster.  Have the children spread soft margarine on toast and then sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Monster Bread
Ingredients needed: one slice of bread per child, food coloring, milk, butter, clean paint brushes.
Mix food coloring and 1/4 cup of milk (whatever colors you like.)  Have the children paint scary faces on the bread.  Toast it, butter it and enjoy it for a snack!

Witches Brew
Mix up a batch of lemonade from concentrate.  Add green food coloring to the lemonade to give it a spooky look.  Get a plastic witches cauldron and place a piece of dry ice in it.  Pour the “brew” over the dry ice and watch your kids’ delight!  Serve and enjoy the “brew.”

Ghostie Cookies
This is one for the mom’s to do, but the kids love to decorate it.
Dip Nutter Butter cookies in white chocolate and let them completely dry.  Then let the kids decorate the face with cake mate frosting or chocolate chips.  They love it.

Potato Ghosts
These are hand sculpted from mashed potatoes, placed on an oiled cookie sheet, brushed with melted butter, and put in the oven to heat and brown a little.  I like to serve them with bat-shaped meatloaf!

Jack-O-Lantern English Muffins
Ingredients needed: English muffins, orange spreadable cheese, and raisins.
Let the children spread the cheese on the English muffin.  Let them arrange the raisins to make the eyes, nose and mouth.  Finally, eat and enjoy!

Spooky Sandwich Puzzles
Let the children make their own peanut butter sandwiches with two pieces of bread.  Give each child a Halloween cookie cutter and let them press the shape out of the center of their sandwich.  They will now have a “spooky sandwich puzzle”.

“Hand” Snacks (for children over 4 years old)
Items needed: clear food server gloves (one for each child), popcorn, candy corn, yarn.
Take one of the food server gloves and place a candy corn in each of the fingers.  Fill the rest of the glove with popcorn.  Fasten the top of the glove with yarn.  Make a glove for each child in your class.

Monster Cookies
Ingredients needed: oatmeal cookies, candy corn, chocolate chip pieces and raisins.
Each child creates a monster cookie by making a face on an oatmeal cookie (can be precooked or store-bought cookies) by using candy corn, chocolate chips, marshmallows, raisins, etc.  Place the cookies on a cookie sheet and place in a hot oven just long enough for the faces to melt.  This creates truly monstrous faces.

Coconut Ghost Toast
Ingredients needed: loaf of bread, margarine, shredded coconut, raisins and chocolate chips.
Each child makes ghost toast by spreading margarine on bread, and then sprinkling coconut on it.  Put raisins or chocolate chips on the bread for eyes and a mouth, then toast it.