Easy Halloween Classroom Snacks

Pond Scum

Fill up clear plastic glasses with green Jell-O.  When it is almost done hardening, add some gummy worms!  My kids really love this kind of treats!

Edible Eyeballs (sounds gross but the kids love it.)

Ingredients and how to make: 1 powdered donut hole (or the powered sweet sixteen donuts work well too) for each child, 1 gummy lifesaver (for the iris of the eye), 1 chocolate chip (for the pupil), 1 tube of red GEL icing (for gluing all in place and for making the eyeball blood-shot.)

Chocolate Spiders

For a special Halloween treat, melt some chocolate chips in the microwave.  When done, put in chocolate dry chow mien noodles and mix all together.  Spoon onto greaseproof paper as little blobs and put 2 mini M&M’s on each one for eyes.  Leave in fridge to cool.  They might not sound too nice, but they are really yummy and the kids can’t get enough of em!

Popcorn Pumpkins

Use a microwave to melt 1/4 c. oleo and a 10 1/2 oz. bag of mini marshmallows (do this on high for 1-2 min. to melt oleo and puff marshmallows.)  Stir in 1/4 serving size orange Jell-O mix; stir well. Pour in 3 quarts (12 cups) of popped popcorn.  Have children grease their hands well and form the popcorn into a pumpkin.  Use a green spearmint as a leaf and chocolate chips for the face.  They taste good and are awesome to make.  These can be made with different flavors/colors for other holidays.

Spider Cupcakes

Ingredients: cupcakes, Twizzlers or licorice (preferably brown, black or red), M&M’s.

Make cupcakes according to directions on box (or purchase already made ones.)  Let them cool and frost (chocolate and vanilla frosting work best.)  Cut the Twizzlers the long way to get thin pieces, and then cut those two pieces in half.  Place three on each side of the cupcake as legs.  Use the M&M’s as eyes.  My son took these to school for bake sale day and all 60 of them were sold!

Ghost Sandwiches

Ingredients: white bread, sandwich fixings, mini chocolate chips, ghost-shaped cookie cutter.

Use your cookie cutter to cut out ghost shapes from the white bread.  Use deli meats/cheeses, peanut butter and jelly or cheese spread to fill the sandwiches.  Use the mini-chocolate chips to add eyes and a mouth to the ghost.

Halloween Sandwiches

You can order bread from your local bakery in colors.  I would pick orange (don’t think black would be too cool; might be though.)  Then you put peanut butter and jelly on them and cut them out with a Halloween shaped cookie cutter.