Groundhog Day Snacks

Idea: NOTE—-Idea contains nuts

Bake cupcakes & frost white for snow. Sprinkle on Oreo crumbs for dirt. Stick an Almond Joy in the dirt and add candy or frosting ears & facial features. They are almost too cute to eat.

Hi! I don’t know if anyone else is as “punny” as I am, but….I serve literally…ground HOG…Sausage!

I take an electric skillet, brown links, (have children away from popping). Then we take canned biscuits, (previously baked) and put the sausage in the middle.

We say the following chant, prior to eating.:

Groundhog, Groundhog will you come out? The children can move the sausage to “pop out” of the biscuit.

Fun, and memorable!


Groundhogs eat greenery so for a healthy snack we make a mixed greens salad with a choice of dressing of course.

Groundhog Day Dirt Pie

One box of instant pudding — mix according to directions Place into four bowls.

Crush 4 chocolate graham crackers squares (crush till fine crumbs or looks like dirt) Sprinkle on top of the pudding in the dish.

Glue a small picture of a groundhog on a Popsicle stick. Place in the center of the bowl of pudding and you have

— A groundhog on his mound dirt pie. Happy eating!

My sons birthday is Groundhog’s day, we’ve always done treats for his classes called – BYOG or Build Your Own Groundhog! We use the frosted cupcake as a base and then put different items in zip lock bags so each child can build their own.

Have a groundhog poking his head out of his hole! Put a picture of a groundhog (e.g. from Print Shop) in the center of a yeast donut. I sent these to my son’s kindergarten classroom for snacks on Groundhog’s Day.