Groundhog Day Games

I cut out large circles from black construction paper. One for each child minus one. I place the circles on the floor and then we play a modified game of musical chairs. When the music stops, the children all run to their “holes” and stand on it. The child without a “hole” is out. I then remove a circle and we start over. Play continues until there is only one child left standing on one “hole”. This child is declared the winner and receives an award of teachers choice. My preschoolers love this game and of course I make sure that everyone has a chance to win.

There was a wonderful game in mailboxes this month. You photocopy pictures of groundhogs standing in different positions and trace them onto black paper. Cut out the “shadows”. Add some Velcro or magnet strips to the back of the photocopied groundhogs. Place the shadowed groundhogs either on a metal tray for magnets or on another piece of paper with Velcro on top. The children match the groundhogs to their shadows. My 3 yr olds love it.

I traced an outline of a groundhog on black poster board, laminated it, and hid it on the playground while the children were out of the room. We all went outside; lined up on the sidewalk, and when I blew the whistle, everyone scrambled to see who could find the groundhog’s shadow. Of course, the winner gets a marvelous treat. Make it more fun and hide more than one shadow!

The children in our program really enjoyed this activity. We taped paper on a wall and had the children take turns standing in front of a flashlight, while we traced each child’s shadow on separate papers. The children loved guessing who was who when we displayed the final results.