Groundhog Day Curriculum

Groundhog Day

play activity #1: materials needed – tunnel;

Put tunnel on floor so one end goes up to a wall. Have students take turns crawling into tunnel and then crawling back out pretending to be a groundhog. All students get an individual turn.

fun activity #2 – If weather is permitting, go outside and find your shadow, as well as the shadows of your classmates.

I teach kindergarten deaf children and the concept of Groundhog’s Day is hard for them to understand. All I did was take a sheet of white bullitin board paper (for snowy ground) and cut a big hole in it. After reading a book about Groundhog’s Day, I’ll let them role play being a groundhog. If the groundhog sees his shadow, (using a lamp as the sun)the student will role play it seeing it’s shadow. They will come up from under the paper like the groundhog. Then they will tell the teacher if they see their shadow and if there will be more winter or if spring will come early. The students will do the same thing if the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow. Just don’t use the lamp this time.

For a math manipulative for Groundhog Day, I took a shoebox and cut 5 holes in the lid, inserting a toilet paper tube in each hole. These represented groundhog’s burrows. I covered the box with green and brown paper, and wrote #’s 1-5 by each “burrow”. Then I made 15 little “groundhogs” by gluing little google eyes on 1″ tan pompom balls. I added little pompom noses and tiny white teeth. The children were to put the appropriate number of groundhogs into each burrow: ie, one groundhog into the burrow marked “1”, three groundhogs into the burrow marked “3”, and so on. They loved it!