Groundhog Day Art

Take a foam cup and paint outside in glue. Cover with either sand or brown construction paper. Take a Popsicle stick and glue a brown pom pom on the end. Put some googly eyes on the pom pom Make a small slit in bottom of cup and put the popsicle stick in the slot. The “groundhog” will now be able to peek out of the hole to see his shadow.

For Groundhog Day we made shadow pictures of each child. Use a bright light at the level of the child. Have each child stand sideways next to a piece of paper mounted on a wall, and trace his/her silhouette. Have the children take turns trying to trace other children’s shadows.

For added exploration of shadows, experiment by having the light source further or closer and by having the child stand closer or further away from the paper. Encourage the children to observe and to articulate what happens to the shadow. Also observe what happens to shadows when the room is darker or lighter. This can be a fun introduction to the science of light.