Groundhog Day Art

If you want to take the Groundhog Day hat to a new level simply attach the picture you have selected of our furry little February friend to a band of green scrapbook paper that you have cut out and connected with glue/staples to from a headband. Depending on the age of the children in your class or your home cut “fringe” all around the band. When you place the groundhog picture on the band that you have fitted around each child’s head (fringe side up) your groundhog will appear to be resting on some grass.
The kids love this idea!!!

my daycare kids just loved this! I found fur sheet at Wal-Mart for $3.00 we added googly eyes, white felt for two big teeth, and pipe cleaners for whiskers. They were so cute and the kids loved feeling that soft fur.

On Groundhog’s Day I discuss things pertaining to the groundhog and his shadow. As an added treat I make silhouettes/shadows of each student with the overhead projector, black construction paper, and chalk. I laminate, cut, and send home for Valentine’s gifts. Parents and students love these priceless gifts!

Ground Hog Puppet

Too late for this year, but using tacky glue, have child find center of a 2″ pom-pom ball, drop a bit of glue and insert a tongue depressor. Have child spread the ball for the two smaller poms for ears, and find and glue the smallest pom for a nose. Finish with two 1/2 inch eyes. Set aside to dry.

Paint a toilet tissue roll either brown or green or a combo of the two for the ground. Let dry.

When both are dry, the pom-pom puppet goes inside his ‘burrow’ (the tp roll) and pops out to see his shadow by the child’s manipulation of the tongue depressor!

Our puppets turned out so cute! They really looked like little bear heads, or monkey heads, by the way they glued on the ears!

Shadow Art

Needs: Flashlights, white and black construction paper

Talk children about Ground Hog Day and shadows. Tape white paper onto the wall and have children hold their hands in front of it while shining the flashlight on to create a shadow print. Trace their outline shadows. You can also let them sit in a chair and trace the outline of their heads.