Grocery Store Games

I have the children bring in their favorite empty cereal boxes. I cut out both large sides of the boxes. One side I cut into 6 puzzle pieces and the other side is the example for the child when he/she is doing their puzzle.

Get the child to sort your grocery shelf of cans. Let them divide them into various different categories – sizes, same/ different products, colors. Look at and discuss the labels, then end off the activity by stacking the pile high to make a tower. Remember that the largest cans need to be near the bottom.

During my grocery store unit, I cut grocery inserts from newspapers into quarter sheets. I give children in my small group a sheet and a marker. We go on “number hunts”. I say a number or show a numeral card and children look for that numeral and color over it with the marker. You can use different colors for each numeral with a more advanced group.

I teach preschool special education. My assistant and I cut out pictures of foods and other items from grocery store ads and glued them on index cards. We wrote the names of the items on each card and laminated them. We use them to do different activities. For example, if you make a double set, you can play Concentration, Go Fish, or other matching games. The children also used them in the dramatic play center to make grocery lists in a play store. We sorted them into categories–fruits, vegetables, healthy foods/non-healthy foods, edible/not edible, etc. The possibilities are endless!