Grandparent’s Day Art

Take the child’s thumb and press it in a stamp pad, then press it on the heart shaped construction paper. Let the child draw legs to create a bug. Write a message Thumbody loves you very much! If can laminate it. Then glue a clothes pin on the back add a piece of magnet on the clothes pin. It makes a real cute refrigerator magnet and the Grandparents will love it. My mother-in-law has had one for about seven years.

Our school hosts a grandparents day breakfast and we like to have the kids do a simple project with their visiting relatives. We take a cutout of a large heart and have stamp pads or paint available and have the child put one handprint in the middle and each grandparent puts on handprint on either side. It can be modified for more or less grandparents. It makes a great memory for the grandparents to take home!

Art-Bookmarker: Write “Thumbody Thinks You’re Special” Let kids do 3 or 4 thumb prints and then use a thin marker to make legs for insects. Add some small flower stickers. Laminate.

Have the children draw a picture of their grandparent and help them write a simple message on a piece of heavy card stock or tag board. Cut the picture into puzzle pieces and put in an envelope. Mail to their grandparent for a wonderful surprise!