God Made Me Special Songs

Action song: God Made Me
Suitable 3mths – 3year olds

God made the tall, tall trees, (Arms stretched above head) God made the bright, bright sun, (Arms wide open) God made the birdies, tweet, tweet, tweet, (Make hands tweet like a bird) And God made me! (Point to self)

Here’s a great song for a Christian curriculum. I use it in “all about me” themes. Sung to the tune of “Twinkle, twinkle…” God made trees that grow so tall and the little ants so small. Apples red, the big, bright sun. Stars that twinkle when the day is done. Mommies, daddies, babies, too. God made me and God made you!!!

I have taught many classes over the years and this is a perpetual favorite.

Fingerplay: God made you..God made me. God made all the world we see. Every flower, bird and tree. God made you and God made me!

God made me Every part you see! (Standing, arms out)
Ears and eyes and nose
Feet with oh! so many toes (point to body parts)
Skip and jump and hop (hop up and down in place)
Almost never STOP! (Turn around in place, yell STOP!)

God Made Me, God Made Me, In My Bible Book It says That God Made Me!

God Made Me Special (Sung To: London Bridges)

I am special, yes I am
Yes I am
Yes I am
Yes I am
I am special, yes I am
God made me special!!!