God Made Me Special Songs

God made the earth and God made the rain.
God made the animals not all the same.
God made the sun that keeps the day so bright.
He’s the only way, the Great I am, the truth and the life.
(Goes to the Itsy, Bitsy Spider Beat)

I wrote this song for my Kindergarten Sunday school kids to introduce our theme on “God Created Me”. It is sung to the tune of “Peter Cotton Tail” (Sort of) and it goes like this: God made me special God made me, me! I’m a gift from God so happily.

I can play and I can learn, share with others … take my turn. I’m a special gift from God you see. (repeat first verse)

My hair’s a special color. My eyes and skin are too. God did not make me to be like you. (repeat first verse again)

The children picked up on this song easily.

This is an adaptation of another song I got from the All About Me section. My 3 year olds love singing this with hand motions.

I Am Special (tune of Frere Jacques) I am special (point to yourself) I am special Don’t you see? (make binoculars with your fingers) Don’t you see? Someone very special (hands out to the side, palms up) Someone very special ’cause God (point to heaven) made me (point to yourself) God made me!

God made Me (song)

“God made me, God made me. “In my bible book it says that God made me. “God loves me, God Loves me. “In my bible book it says that God loves me. “God help’s me, God help’s me, in my bible book it says that, God help’s me.

Hold a mirror to child’s face as you sing, “I’m a pretty little girl/handsome little boy….and God made me, God made me”

I’m a handsome little boy and God made me……thank you God.

As I would change my babies diapers I always used this time to sing, “Two Little Eyes” teaching with my hands and touch as well as the words: “Two little eyes to look to God Two little ears to hear His Word Two little feet to walk His way Hands to serve Him all my days.

One little tongue to speak the truth One little heart for Him in youth Take them all Jesus let them be Always loving true to Thee.

Song- for infants God Loves You, tune (Where is Thumbkin?)

You’re so beautiful, You’re so beautiful, Yes you are, yes you are. Daddy loves you, Mummy loves you, God loves you, God loves you.