God Made Me Special Art

Use 4 craft sticks or Popsicle sticks as a frame. The children can decorate them as they like. Cut one piece of paper for each child to fit into the Popsicle frame. On each piece, write, or have children write, “God loves me – I am special to him.” Then have the children use (washable) stamp pads to make their fingerprints on the background. They can get as creative as they want, using other decorations or not. Hot glue a string or piece of yarn on the back to hang.

Trace each child’s body on a large piece of paper. Label body parts and let them color each part.

You need a large piece of construction paper for this project. First, have the child make handprints on the top of the paper. Then, make footprints on the bottom. In the middle of the paper, write “God made me special, from my hands to my feet.

Make a wall hanging by painting the child’s hand and placing the handprint on a heavy paper plate. On the rim of the paper plate write “God Love’s __ the child’s name”, “Jesus’ Loves __ can also be used. Punch a hole in the rim, attach string and hang on the wall. Parents love the project.

Trace around the shape of a hand held mirror. Cut a circle of foil and glue on as the mirror. Caption art with this poem: I am special, Look and see. I am special, Because God made me!

Take a piece of white butcher paper as long as the child is. Have the child lay down and with a pen or pincle trace the outline of the child. You can do this for each child all at once or do one child each week.(What ever works for you) Write at the top or bottom “God created (Child’s name)!”. Have the kids color in hair, eyes, nose, mouthe, clothes, etc. Then you can hang these up in the classroom for as long as you want and when you are done you can send them home.

Give each child a white circle a little larger than a small paper plate. After looking at a globe, have them water color a world (lots of blue for water, some green for land, and some grey for mountains). Glue it to the center of a large (18X22) sheet of black construction paper. Put the child’s handprints on each side of the world with white or yellow finger paint. Write: God made the whole world and __________(child’s Name) on the top of the page. I did a personalized one for each student on the computer. I laminated these since I knew parents would want to keep them.