Gingerbread Art Activities

Gingerbread Art Activities

Great December nametags: cut boy/girl gingerbread shapes from craft brown craft foam; children decorate with collage material (glitter, rickrack, buttons, glitter glue, etc); program with child’s name. We make a craft paper cookie jar cut out and hang the nametags on push pins. Each one is different – each is special.

Five Senses Art: Pre-cut a gingerbread man shape from rough sandpaper. Draw on facial features and buttons using marker (or allow older children to do their own). Children glue this onto construction paper of their choice. Then they “color” their gingerbread man with a cinnamon stick. They can taste the cinnamon if they wish before coloring with it. They can smell the cinnamon, and hear the way it scratches on the sandpaper. They can see the difference in color when they rub the cinnamon stick on the sandpaper, and they can feel the difference between the smooth construction paper and the rough sandpaper. All five senses are covered in this little project, and it is a great discussion starter. (Bonus: it makes your room smell heavenly!)

When I was in high school, I did this with my teacher and our pre-school class, it was so fun! Gingerbread Houses You need per child: A small sq. of cardboard and a lunch size milk carton. For them to share: white frosting with decorator bags and tips (frosting must be stiff), white coconut (flake), graham crackers, gum drops, licorice, m&m minis, any other fun candies! First, fill you bags w/frosting. Glue your milk carton, bottom on cardboard, with frosting. Then, glue on all sides of house with graham crackers and frosting to milk carton. Add two grahams at the top, angled, for a roof, and glue with frosting. Then let the kids have fun! They can use the frosting to glue candies on their house or card board to make a scene! If you want, this works well with a fairy tale unit, just after the story Hansel and Gretel. Or you can make a winter house, and add mini or jumbo marshmallows for snowmen, and pretzel sticks for arms. Best of all, the whole thing is edible!

You’ll need construction paper, glue, glitter and cheerio’s. Cut 2 sheets of construction paper into the shape of gingerbread boys. Then glue the 2 sheets back to back for support. Glue the cheerio’s all around the gingerbread boys body add eyes a nose, mouth and button. Finally use the glitter on it’s eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

This is one of my favorite gingerbread art activities.  I copied a picture of a gingerbread man out of a book that I had. Then I made out of construction paper hats, pants, shirt and shoes all different colors. I put a little glue in a container for each child and then gave them a paint brush and let them dress their gingerbread man. They brushed the glue on where they thought the shirt would go and pasted it and so on. Then I let them paste on eyes that I had gotten from the craft store which made it look really good. After that I noticed many of them had continued to spread glue on top of the pants and shirts etc. (these are 2 year olds) so we decided to put glitter there which gave it a great look!!

My daycare children made these for their parents:

Gingerbread people-These are less likely to break than other recipes which is perfect for the young children to work with & get home in one piece.

1 c plus 2 T. flour

3/4 c. cinnamon (I add a teaspoon of ground clove too)

1 c salt

1 c water

Mix this well. Roll about 1/2″ thick and cut with gingerbread man/woman cookie cutter (or any other shape that you may wish to use). Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for approximately 20-25 minutes, depending upon size of the ornaments. Place a hole in each ornament before baking for hanging (I used a straw). These smell really wonderful–& make the house smell great when they are baking. If they start to lose their fragrance just rub an emery board on the back of them. They may be decorated with puffy paint, tempera paint or left as they are. Tie a ribbon through the the hole made by the straw to hang them up. The children loved making these and the parents loved receiving them!

Gingerbread Art Activities