Getting Dirty

Ten ways to teach your preschoolers about dirt and the earth

1. Go on a nature hike and identify non-living things, living things and signs of life (ex: dirt, ants and an ant hill or water, leaves and broken twig, etc.)

2. Get a bag of topsoil and bury items in it

3. Find rocks… paint rocks

4. Do a soil analysis. Find out how much sand, pebbles, clay, silt and soil is in your “dirt”.

5. Bury food for a week in your yard. Dig it up and see what happened to it

6. Sculpt a cup or box out of clay

7. Make chocolate dirt pudding. Have fun burying candy bugs into the dirt.

8. Draw a design on paper with glue then pour sand over it to make “dirty art”

9. Pick-up garbage in a park, along a quiet street or on a trail

10. Make a terrarium (mini-world in a bottle). Have fun learning about and experiencing our earth!