Germ Songs

This is a song I made up to teach my class to wash their hands for an appropriate amount of time. They sing it as they wash.

(sung to row row row your boat)

Scrub scrub scrub the germs

scrub the germs away.

Scrub scrub scrub the germs.

Scrub them down the drain!

We made up this song to go with our health and germ theme. (sing to ‘where is thumbkin’)

Smelly germs, Smelly germs,

All around, All around,

Wash them all away,

Flush them down the drain,

Good bye germs, Good bye germs.

This little hand is a good little hand,

and this little hand is its brother.

Together they wash and wash and wash,

One hand washes the other

I use this song to teach the children to spend an adequate amount of time washing their hands… it also tells them how to do it properly.

(to the tune of Fre a Jacques)

Tops and bottoms

Tops and bottoms

In between

In between

All around my hands

All around my hands

Make them clean

Make them clean.

Germs, germs, go away…

Because I don’t want to get sick today.

Repeat twice while hand washing.

(sung to rain rain go away)