Gardening Snacks

In the past, I have actually planted carrots with my preschoolers. It needs to be done outside in order for them to grow to their full potential. The seeds can be bought at most hardware stores or gardening shops for $1-$2. After the carrots have grown, pick them with your students and use them in a salad to eat for snack or with lunch! (also the seeds will have directions for growing them on the back of the seed pouch)

This can be a day’s activity. While reading “Stone Soup” (a popular children’s book) the children and teacher’s can make their own pot of soup. Set it up so each child has a vegetable to put in the pot. As you read the book, the child hears his or her vegetable and must bring it up and put it in the pot. This way everyone gets a turn! Then you can prepare the soup all together by giving each child a job (ie-helping cut the tomatoes). By the end of the day, students and teachers can all try the soup!

Mix orange juice, 7-up or any clear soda, peach yogurt or any kind of sherbet. Pour the mixture into 5 oz. cups. Give each child a small drink stirring straw. Tell the children to drink their flower nectar juice. You can tape flower patterns around the top of the cups.

Try eating edible seeds in foods such as poppy seed muffins or bread, or sesame seed rolls!

“Dirt” You will need: 2 boxes chocolate pudding 4 cups milk cool whip Oreo cookies plastic baggies clear cups gummy worms

Place two Oreos in bag for each child. Have them crush Oreos. Make pudding. Fold cool whip into pudding mixture. Add half of the Oreos and mix well. Refrigerate until ready to eat. To plastic cup, scoop pudding mixture. Place some cookie crumbs on top. Put gummy worm on top.

Use cookie cutters to make flower shapes. or have each child press balls together to make flower. Coat with egg white and sprinkle sunflower seeds. Cook according to dough directions. You can also add food coloring to make it more colorful.

Stone Soup

Materials needed: The book “Stone Soup”, letters requesting certain kinds of vegetables from the children, floor graph, paper and markers We then read the book “Stone Soup” any version will do. We also act it out. The children are asked to bring in one vegetable to put in our soup. I bring in the spices and the meat. In the morning (of the soup day) we act out the story with our vegetables. We graph the vegetables on a floor graph. We make a class book – each child makes a picture of the vegetable (s)he brought. We then clean and cut up the vegetables (with direct teacher supervision) and cook them. Because all of the activities are done in the morning the soup won’t be cooked long enough for lunch – but we have it for afternoon snack. The children love it! It’s a very “hands-on” fun project!