Gardening Art

We add silk flowers, flowerpots and different containers to our play dough area when working on the themes spring and gardening. The kids get a kick out of planting their flowers again and again and the play dough holds the silk flowers nicely.

Make a miniature garden cart using the scoop from laundry soap. Make a pattern for 2-inch wheels and let the kids trace and cut it out. Add lines for wheel spokes. Glue the wheels to both sides of the cup (open end facing up). The handle is the wheel barrel handle! Next, put dirt in the wheel barrel. Plant any flower you like (geraniums do well). Recycling is fun!

Zucchini art- I ask all the children to bring in a zucchini to school. I purchase a variety of materials that can be stuck into it and pushed on it. Examples toothpicks, then put raisons, mini marshmallows, gum drops, ion the toothpicks, stick pretzels, lollipops, gummy bears etc. the children use their creative ability to make what ever they want. Some call it their space creature, boat, airplane whatever. I display them for the day and let other classes come to visit our “art exhibit.” I do this with my 4 year old class and they love it.

I love to watch a bulletin come to life when I give the children in our Pre-K classroom scraps of construction paper and glue and tell them to create flowers. They can tear the paper or cut the paper to make beautiful flowers. They glue the “petals” onto green construction paper stems they have torn or cut out. We have beautiful, tiny flowers and we have big, giant flowers. The flower garden is always beautiful. I cut green grass out of construction paper and staple it across the bottom of the bulletin and just watch the flowers bloom from it. We also add kites, birds and other “spring” items to have a great bulletin board! The children love to see their special flowers come to life.

This will cover two days of activity projects. Also can be for any age group. First get a big piece of paper, like blank newspaper or big sheets of white construction paper. Have the children paint it all green this will be the grass for our spring garden. The next day after it has dried completely. Let the children glue on green construction paper leaves and green pipe cleaners for the stems of their flowers. For the flowers use small or large muffin paper cups. This will give a 3-D effect and allow the classroom garden to come alive. You can add bugs, insects and animals to your garden if your class really gets into it.

Paper bag Flower Boxes Materials: Brown paper bag assorted construction paper scissors glue flower pattern glitter glue (optional)

For preschool age you should cut paper bag in half horizontally and make flower patterns ahead of time. Flowers can be as simple as cutting circles out of colored construction paper. Cut medium sized green strips for the stem. Have child open bag. The top portion of the bag should be cut into small strips before hand as well. This will serve as the “dirt”. Place strips in bottom of bag. Then have child glue flower pieces together and glue to each side of the bag. I used glitter glue with my preschoolers and they just loved making their newly planted flowers sparkle!!