Gardening Art

This idea makes an adorable springtime bulletin board. I ask the parents to send in a baby picture and a recent picture of my students. Then we cut out large seeds out of light brown construction paper, stems and leaves from green paper and large flowers of all different colors. I use green and blue board paper for the background. Attach the seeds to the bottom of the board and attach a stem and flower up from the seeds. Then I attach the baby picture on the seed and the recent picture in the center of the flower. Adding to it a sign that says “PreK Garden”, a watering can on the top left hand corner with hearts pouring out over the flowers like water. The finishing touch are the words…”Love Makes Us Grow”. The kids love to see each others pictures and it never fails to make the moms cry when they come for the Mother’s Day Tea.

I cut large tomato shapes out of posterbord and let the kids tear red paper and glue onto the posterboard. They add a green stem and it looks great!

After the kids plant all sorts of seeds (we plant them in a wading pool full of soil) I save the seed packages and they can make a classroom collage. I have even at times saved them until the flowers and veggies come up and take pictures. I also take pictures of the kids planting. When all is developed, I let kids make a large classroom poster with seed packs and all the pictures and the parents love it! When it time to take it down, I cut a section (usually the section that involves their child) and send it home!

Leaf Painting: Materials needed: Paint (tempera works good), a leaf, construction paper Directions: With your fingers, rub paint on the leaf and press to sheet. Try mixing colors, too.

Paper Plate Gardens: Materials-Paper plates, Easter grass (any color or mix of colors), pipe cleaners, and cupcake liners Directions: Glue grass on half the plate and glue pipe cleaners on top of the grass. Cupcake liners on top of the pipe cleaners.

Foot Flower Have all the kids take off one shoe and sock. Help them paint the bottom of their foot whatever color they want their flower. On a piece of paper make a flower with their foot. Add a stem and a flower. I use this with my infants. It makes a cute mother’s day card too!