Frog Snacks

Make blue Jell-O with the children in your class. Before the Jell-O has hardened insert gummy worms and gummy frogs.

We make frog food for a special snack during Fabulous Frogs Week. We use for ingredients…
A bag of plain m&m’s (for bugs), a box of raisins (for flies), chow mein noodles or small stick pretzels(for worms), goldfish crackers (for small fish). Everyone helps pour and stir, and then spoon out their own snack.

Lily-Pad Pond Snack

soft cream cheese
blue food coloring
English muffins
cucumber slices
gummy frogs


Color cream cheese with food coloring. Give each child wax paper square with a dolp of colored cream cheese, 1/2 muffin, three cucumber slices, one gummy frog, and a plastic knife. Have children spread cream cheese on muffin (pond) and arrange cucumber slices on top (lily pads). Add gummy frog and eat!

To make “Frog Floats,” I give each child a clear cup filled with lime sherbet, 7-up or sprite, a straw, and m&m’s or marshmallows to represent the frog’s two eyes. This treat is a supplement to stories, songs and finger plays about frogs in the springtime.

For a frog snack, how about using the old “ants on a log” idea with a new name. Take celery sticks and fill them with peanut butter and then have raisins in a row on the peanut butter log. You could call it “Flies on a log.” I think the children would love to make these themselves.