Frog Science

Frog Watching

Each year, we start our pond life or frog theme off with a trip to a local pond to collect tadpoles for our classroom and to observe the adult frogs on the pond. If you don’t live in a rural area, try a park pond or area arboretum with a pond, local pet shops have tadpoles or try and mail order tadpoles. You can feed the tadpoles fish food. It’s a truly amazing metamorphosis for the children to observe!

Create a Science examination center where the children are able to watch the tadpoles grow into frogs. Have magnifying glasses beside the fish tank and get the children to help change the environment for the frogs from water to more land. They will learn allot about the life and physical changes the frog goes through. They will be very excited to be a major roll in the frogs life and changes. In the end, find a frog park and get the children to release them to be with their other family. As an extension get the children to draw a picture to send to the frog.