Frog Art

Preschool art project – cut out a cookie cutter-type frog out of a 9 x 12 sheet of green construction paper, one for each child. Before class, use a craft knife and cut an “X” where the frogs mouth should be. Let the children decorate their frog with eyes, spots, etc. We talk about how a frog has a long sticky tongue to catch bugs. Give each child a party blower (their name should be on it) to insert into the “X”. The children love blowing on the party blowers and pretend to catch bugs.

I cut out shapes of lily pads and the kids painted them green. Then they added a white coffee filter (so it stands out like 3D) and glued yellow tissue paper in the center of the coffee filter. Placed next to the frogs we made on the bulletin board…nice addition.



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  • Tiff March 28, 2018 at 3:41 pm Reply

    Give the children a large paper plate and allow them to paint it green. You could teach coloring mixing by give them blue and yellow paint. Cut out two large frog legs out of green construction paper and allow the children to glue them to their frogs. Add large googly eyes.

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