Friendship Songs

A fellow teacher had taught us this song a couple years ago as we were saying goodbye to our 5 year olds.

A circle is round it has no end,

that’s how long I want to be your friend. Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and some are gold.

This song is to the tune of the “Color Song”

(name) (name) is the friend I see

If you are (name) please smile for me

Stand up, turn around

Wave to your friends and then sit down

“Friends Hold Hands”

-Friends hold hands, friends hold hands, friends hold hands and smile.
All my classmates are my friends, let’s sing with them a while.

This works really well for transition time or circle time where all the children hold hands and sing.

I made up a cute song that my preschool kids had fun singing.
I like you , I like you
Yes , I do , Yes , I do
Friends are for sharing
Friends are for caring
I like you , I like you!

After singing this song a couple of times I have the children sit in pairs looking at one another. When we sing the ending part I like you , I like you the kids then shake each others hands and say : My name is ——– what can I call you. This song really helps the kids to learn to introduce themselves , and to get to know their new school friends.

I have a Friend…

Everyone sits in a circle and sings…

I have a friend named ________, __________is his/her name.

Get up and dance ____________, Get up and dance___________, Get up and dance____________, __________may sit down.

The children usually jump around but I encourage any kind of movement. For the shy guys, I let them choose a friend to dance with them.