Friendship Snacks

Friendship Pizza Take sugar cookie dough and roll it out into a circle big enough to fit in a pizza pan. Bake at home to avoid a long waiting period. Bring to school and have children take turns spreading vanilla frosting on crust. Have sliced fresh fruit in different containers and let children add pieces of fruit to the crust. Explain to them that you must now cut the pizza so that everyone has a piece (sharing). I like to do this as a large group but have done it in small group.

We bake friendship cookies for snack plus one for each child to take home. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, or buy sugar cookie dough at the supermarket. We make heart shaped cookies. Frost and decorate them. We talk about sharing, then we have each child cut their cookie in half (this makes 2 equal and identical halves) and share half with a friend. They can take a cookie home and share with mom, dad, or a sibling.

Make a special snack at circle time with your class. You will need: gold fish, m and m’s, pretzels, fruit loops, raisins or whatever else you may want to mix together. I let every child pour one cup of one of the above ingredients into a large bowl. We do this until everyone has a chance and all of the ingredients are mixed up in a large bowl. We then eat our Friendly Crunches at snack time.

My 3’s class makes a friendship salad. I write the names of pieces of fruit on paper and the children select one. They must bring in 2 pieces of the fruit that was named on the paper. I ask the parent to allow them to shop for it with them. Then they bring the fruit to class and each child is given a plastic knife to cut up their fruit. We discuss the different colors, texture, smell, etc of each individual fruit. We compare the seeds (if any) Then the children put their fruits into a large bowl and we mix it together. We discuss how all the fruits are great individually, however, they can be even better mixed together as one. We try to make this a lesson in friendship and how we all can work together.

We had Friendship Month as a theme at our preschool and celebrated by having one kids bring in snack one day of the week to share with their friends. After snack time one day, they then made friendship bracelets for each other out of some old beads I had. They were so proud of themselves.